For all booking requests, please email us or fill out the form below. All contact information is listed at the bottom of this page. Feel free to fill out the form below for any questions you may have. And don't forget to subscribe to our email list for monthly show updates!

*Musicians want advice on booking? Read below for quick tips on more successful booking.

Booking quick tips!

Sending DMs over to our social media may not get our booking team's attention. Some booking people don't handle social media. Please include date(s) you want and  band/ musician name in the subject line. This helps for sorting and easy retrieval. In the email, do not attach media downloads. Most emails from unknown contacts that contain attachments end up in spam. Lots of promoters don't have extra hard drive storage or time to download hundred or thousands of files monthly. And sometimes attachments unknowingly have viruses attached. Provide all relevant social media links and streaming media links for consideration. If you have played in our market before, tell us about the average turn out you've had for each show. Was it twenty or fifty people? Who else did you play the show with? How much was the cover or tickets to your event? Don't be afraid to follow up and it's perfectly fine if you're new to us Blue Note, OKC, or in general. We're always keeping our eyes peeled for new opportunities!  Remember to make it as easy for the booking team as possible. Last but certainly not least, book in advance. I try to have events planned out three to four months in advance. It'll give us more time to secure your line up so you can confidently confirm in advance. Then, you and I will both be able to properly announce and work together to promote your event with just enough lead time so all your friends and fans know that you're playing the venue. We typically book three or four months out, if not further at any given time. I personally like to announce and start promoting events about four to six weeks out from the event so people can make plans to come see my band play. This helps even more if it is a week night. Thanks for reading all of this. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out. We might not be able to book everyone but we don't mind helping where we can. Hope it helps and keep on rocking!